The OneIP Project

I live and work in a small, rural community which has very limited access to broadband Internet. I've had it all at the office, DSL, MMDS microwave, T-1, 3G and LTE. Recently, our local independent telephone company was acquired by TSC.

TSC brought to the board a number of enhancements, primarily increased bandwidth.  I went from ~3Mbps to ~12Mbps, about 3 miles out from the central office.  Alas, it also meant renumbering from my prior static IP's to a new one.  While they can deliver multiple statics, my goal was to see what could be wedged in to a single IP address.  This coincided well with the upgrade/migration/retirement of the old vmWare 1.x infrastructure and rebuild on more current technologies.

Thus was born the OneIP project.  The objectives are (on a single IP):
  1. Web Server (multiple HTTP and HTTPS sites)
  2. Inbound VPN
  3. Email
  4. VoIP Server
  5. IPv6 Tunnel
  6. DNS
I've managed to achieve all of those objectives.  In the days ahead, I'll lay out how this can be achieved over a PPPoE DSL connection using Vyatta Core 6.5.

I'm now fully IPv6 enabled, both client and server, courtesy of Hurricane Electric's Tunnel Broker.  I've discovered there are a fair number of services out there and it's been fairly seamless (Facebook, YouTube, Ubuntu, Centos and Debian mirrors).

Here's the traffic on the IPv4 DSL link for the past 4 weeks:

Here's the traffic on the IPv6 Tunnel interface for the same period of time:

It may not be Google fiber, but stay tuned for implementation details.  Many of the ideas and techniques are usable for small to medium sized enterprises too.