PGP Keyservers available in production

Over the past several months, we've rebuilt our fleet of SKS Keyservers, used for looking up PGP keys by the community of users.  We have a production fleet of 14 servers available for peering.  They are:

  • (Amsterdam, NL)
  • (Seattle, WA, US)
  • (Frankfurt, DE)
  • (Paris, FR)
  • (Silicon Valley, CA, US)
  • (Singapore)
  • (Sydney, AU)
  • (Johannesburg, ZA)
  • (Mumbai and Bangalore, IN)
  • (New York City, NY)
  • (Toronto, CA)
  • (London, GB)
  • (Tokyo, JP)
Dumps of the PGP database can be found here and are approximately 10GB currently.  The fleet routinely shows up in the SKS keyserver rankings with a number of them serving NA, EU and Oceania.  The fleet is TLS enabled using standard certificates.

Peering requests or issues can be sent to sks at with PGP key ID 0x55D89385152D11CD3B930C39495C22B395C821E4