Some first impressions on vmware ESXi 5.5 upgrade

vmware ESXi 5.5 was released this week.  Today I did a (relatively) painless upgrade on the lab server.  Here are some quick first impressions.

  1. I couldn't connect to the hypervisor after the upgrade with the vSphere client.  The root issue was the default gateway got dropped by the hypervisor configuration during the upgrade process.  While annoying in the lab (it could be fixed from the console), it could be catastrophic if the hardware is sitting in a data center somewhere else and there is not remote console access.  I'm not clear if this was a fluke or a bug.

  2. The biggest gain for those of us running a lab configuration is the removal of the 32GB memory cap for ESXi free.  This allowed the host to go back to 48GB of RAM.

  3. Virtual Hardware version 10 is available now.  It adds some nifty new features you can read about here.

These are some very early initial impressions.  Overall the process was very smooth and took less than an hour.