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I recently upgraded to a iPhone 12 Pro Max.  One of the main things that made me wait for it was the promise of 5G and 5G Ultra Wideband.  I was anxious to see if 5G lived up to the hype so I did some quick and dirty tests in a 5G enabled city.

I recently traveled to Fort Wayne, IN and ran in to 5G there.  So I did some rough comparisons.  For the tests, I ran Speedtest against Verizon's own servers.

LTE showed the following stats

Image removed.

5G performed as follows:

Image removed.

5G Ultra Wideband performed as follows:

Image removed.

5G definitely outperformed LTE by a factor of 6:1.  The real gain though was in Ultra Wideband.  2.9Gbps is incredible performance.  It remains to be seen what range this bandwidth can be sustained at and how it performs as more devices come on line.  I also look forward to seeing what performance as a hotspot looks like


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